How To Stand Out In The Workplace Like A Boss

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The employment ladder is a perilous one, the rungs aren’t always reliable and it can seem like a very long way to climb. Workplace woes are very real. 


These days unemployment may be down 5% in both the United States and the U.K. but such figures don’t accurately reflect the back breaking work it takes to gain a coveted place amongst the employed. Most interviewers expect some sort of immortality and 100 years experience from prospective employees. Many expect at least a master’s, who can afford that? Considering the rising tuition fees.

Anyway, when you do establish yourself in a company how can you make sure you’re not thrown to the wayside and considered just another figure on a payslip? loaded has found three valuable ways you can shine in the ruckus. Thanks to the Nicole Munoz, writer Jeff Haden and one from Tony Robbins for good measure.

Be First With a Purpose

“Lots of employees, managers, and business owners are the first to arrive each day. That’s great, but what do you do with that time? Organise your thoughts? Get a jump on your email?

“Instead of taking care of your stuff, do something visibly worthwhile for the company. Take care of unresolved problems from the day before. Set things up so it’s easier for employees to hit the ground running when they come in. Chip away at an ongoing project others ignore.

“Don’t just be the one who turns on or off the lights – be the one who gets in early or stays late in order to get things done.” –  Jeff Haden

You Have Street Smarts With a Dose of Sass

“My best team members are smart, passionate, and well-researched in their fields. They also have the confidence to stand up to me and ask questions (politely, of course).

“It helps us all improve when we collaborate on why we’re taking a specific course of action for a client’s marketing strategy, especially when someone says, “What if we do it this way?” and he or she’s right!”  – Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

Recognise Your Patterns.

Robbins says the biggest drug people struggle with is an addiction to problems. You’ve got to figure out your bad patterns, where your roadblocks are — and start to work on them. Working on them is the first step to happiness.

“There’s only one thing that will make you happy: progress.”

This pattern may also be switching from business idea to business idea, as many entrepreneurs are prone to do.

“Switching to a new business and another new business is fun, but usually there is no profitable business to show for it.”

Good Luck! 

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