Video: Revisit the greatest selfies of all time

Not just for narcissists and hipsters.

Shark selfies
Shark selfie We're going to need a bigger boat.

Selfies are everywhere.

Walk down the street and people are snapping themselves next to landmarks, with loved ones or, sometimes, wielding massive selfie sticks. This is all bog-standard stuff – but sometimes a selfie can be something more, something worth shouting about.

Nobody remembers who won what at the 2014 Academy Awards but they do remember Ellen’s record-breaking photograph. If they handed out Oscars for pictures that would’ve walked away with it.

There there are selfies across land, sea, air and even outer space. They might seem like the ultimate act of narcism but a great selfie deserves a round of applause. Loaded brings you some epic selfie work in the video below…

Video edited by Luke Remon

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