Game of Thrones fans can now apply for vacancies in Westeros

Enthusiasts may want to avoid applying to be Warden of the North though.

Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke
Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones. Image Picture HBO

The level of fandom surrounding Game of Thrones has shown no signs of abating as the show reaches the end of its sixth season on the air.

Not content with everything from a porn parody to the discovery of a Jon Snow lookalike of Instagram, someone has only gone and created a job website covering all of the current vacancies in Westeros.


It offers fans the chance to apply for jobs like the Prince of Dorne or Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch – because why waste time looking for real jobs when you can submit your CV and a tailored covering letter for a fictional job in an imaginary far away fantasy land.

Hodor fans will be far from happy with the website though, which clearly features a vacancy for personal assistant to Bran Stark – a role previously occupied by the now-deceased big man.

It also looks like Jaqen H’ghar has moved on pretty quickly since Arya Stark’s exit from the House of Black & White, with a vacancy for an apprentice also featured on the website.

A word of warning for any fans thinking of applying to be Warden of the North though: Eddard Stark and his successor Roose Bolton both suffered a gruesome fate having taken on the role.

So unless the idea of being beheaded or getting a knife to the gut appeals, we suggest you maybe look to one of the other roles on offer, or just see if they can offer you some work experience prior to taking on the main job itself.

Just a reminder though: none of this is real. We just wish it was.

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