Game Of Thrones fans will go wild for this Jon Snow lookalike

You will know nothing of this Jon Snow.

Game Of Thrones Kit Harington Jon-Snow Dead
Dead or alive? Jon Snow was stabbed to death at the brutal climax of Game Of Thrones's season five. Image Picture HBO

Not content with welcoming the now-resurrected Jon Snow back into the Game Of Thrones folds, fans of the tits and dragons epic have uncovered a lookalike to rival that weird postal worker who has been posing as Jamie Vardy of late.

But while Vardy stand-in Lee Chapman has wasted little time in establishing himself as a psychopath, the fake Jon Snow is more concerned about snuggling up to little dogs and cute kittens.

Or at least that is the impression given by the stand-in Snow’s Instragram account, facialfollicles.

All familiar Snow tropes are present and correct: the London hipster beard, the moody pout and even the Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen locks.

Best of all for any geeks out there, it would appear that the fake Jon Snow is a massive fan of Star Wars after snapping himself wearing what appears to be a Princess Leia fancy dress costume.

And if there are any lads out there feeling a little threatened by this Game of Thrones fake, hold fire because this guy loves oven pizza and he doesn’t give a damn who knows it.

So while Fake Snow may share the same concerns about keeping the White Walkers from King’s Landing he’s a little less worried about keeping carbs off the dinner plate and for that alone, we would gladly march into battle alongside him.

For anyone still doubting whether this guy is the One True King of Game of Thrones lookalikes, then when not try uttering the following Jon Snow quotes alongside pictures of our new found leader of lookalikes and men.


“I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the wall.”



“Sometimes there is no happy choice, only one less grievous than the others.”



#beard #waveyhair #glancedtotheside #joggernation #selfi

A photo posted by @facialfollicles on

“First lesson, stick them with the pointy end.”



A photo posted by @facialfollicles on

“I heard it was best to keep your enemies close.”



Dat curly hair thou. #curlyhair #longhair #beard #sweaters #caveman #thosewhocravenottoshave #fall

A photo posted by @facialfollicles on

“You mistake me my lord, that was not an offer that was a command.”

Jon Snow is dead, long live the lookalike Snow!

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