French football fan smuggles 18cm flare up arse for Euro 2016 game

Well, that’s one way to show your support for Les Bleus…

Flares and fun You won't believe where they put this... Image David Davies/PA Wire

A French football supporter successfully smuggled a flare into a fan zone at Euro 2016 in Nice by shoving the 18cm-long object up his rectum.

However, once inside the compound, the 18-year-old soccer enthusiast had something of a nightmare when it came to setting off the device.

While removing said object from his arse proved relatively straightforward, it was then that the problems really began.

Flares can be notorious tricky to set off and hold, due to the intense and almost instant heat created.

Such a proposition can prove especially tricky if the owner has little to no experience of setting off flares in busy crowds at major sporting events.

This is how it looked.
This is how it looked. Probably wasn't on fire though.

In this instance, the young supporter in question fell into this very category, immediately mishandling the smoke candle with disastrous consequences.

The bungled attempt resulted in the assailant and two other fans positioned nearby being burned.

French police were left with little choice but to press charges against the teenager over the incident.

The fan will now appear Nice Correctional Court where he will most likely face a fine for his actions.

Flares are banned from inside all of the grounds at the European Championship.

This has not prevented some supporters from smuggling them into the ground.

That potentially adds up to a lot of very sore rectums.

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