FACE Give Loaded Their Top Songs Of 2017 ?

FACE Hand Pick Dreamy 2017 Tracks Ready For The Christmas Party

Newcomers FACE give loaded an exclusive round up of the year’s killer tracks, according to them!

This playlist will guarantee dreamy vibes, taking you smoothly into the Christmas holiday period. Everything from Wolf Alice to Benjamin Clementine. It’s all here.

FACE have big ambitions and the ability to match. Their new song ‘Cry’ is a powerful example of the bands energetic sound, showcasing a catchy chorus that is guaranteed to stick with you long after you’ve stopped listening.

Loaded will be keeping a close eye on these stellar lads.




The Lemon Twigs – Night Song

 “Love lemons love twiglets. Put em together and you get the lemon twigs. Perfect.”


Bedouine – One Of These Days

 “We saw her live in London and she blew a whole room of people away with just her guitar and her voice. Sounds like canyon music from the 60s/70s.”


Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me 

“First heard this whilst in the bath having a wash. Ended up singing along. The chorus is a total earworm.”


Aldous Harding – Horizon 

 “Saw her on Jools Holland and was blown away by her mad crazy beautiful performance. Her voice is a refreshingly different gravy than everything else you hear right now.”


Alex Cameron feat Angel Olsen – Strangers Kiss

 “Classic duet, mentions getting “shat on by an eagle”.”


St Vincent – Pills

 “Pills to wake, pills to sleep Pills, pills, pills every day of the week” catchy as hell and more potent than your mum’s diet pills…”


Phoenix – J Boy 

“With analogue undertones and a dreamy vocal on top. That whole album is magic.”


 “Good old fashioned pop punk banger.” 


The Killers – Some Kind of Love


“It’s Eno and The Killers. Love this track!”


Benjamin Clementine – God Save The Jungle

 “God save Benjamin and that’s the end of it.”


Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional 

 “It’s all in the title. Says it all.”

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