Extended pub Queen opening? What happened to 24-hour drinking anyway?

#DrinkForTheQueen is great, but can we still get drunk all night?

Pint for the Queen

David Cameron has announced pub opening hours will be extended for two days in June to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday. 

While this is a more benevolent gesture from the Government than the absurd Clean For The Queen campaign, it raises the question of whatever happened to 24-hour drinking.

Pubs will be open longer on June 10-11 to mark Liz’s official birthday on June 2. There’s been no explanation as to why us commoners have to wait an extra week, rather than getting blitzed on June 3-4 instead.

Maybe Cameron wants us to get so bombed that we forget to vote in the EU referendum a few weeks later.

Many people have tweeted their delight at the extra drinking time, using the hashtag #DrinkForTheQueen. The pub initiative is likely to be quite the success as the normally placid pub going public let their hair down. 

But the celebrations mask the fact that 24-hour drinking has been legal since 2005.

Not many pubs actually bothered with it, but it’s still allowed. So how will these two extra hours actually work? And how will it affect Loaded’s local, which has a lock-in until 4am most nights anyway?

The tipple of choice for the Queen is reported to be a gin and dubonnet which she surprisingly likes to have before she tucks into her lunch. Starting early and all that. 

The party this year to celebrate the Queen’s birthday will be marked with a huge street party in the Mall – presumably before she hits Servant’s Jazz Quarters in East London to throw shapes to Fetty Wap.

Before that, the weekend festivities will start with a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s cathedral on 10 June, attended by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen celebrates two birthdays each year: her actual birthday on 21 April and her official birthday on a Saturday in June – this year on 2 June. She chooses a Saturday in early June for her official celebration so that it doesn’t clash with Glastonbury. Her Majesty is this year due to play a secret DJ set on the Park Stage on Saturday.


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