Exclusive Spotify Playlist By Wankelmut ?

loaded's Exclusive Spotify Playlist By Wunkelmut

To celebrate the release of Wankelmut’s Official music video for ‘I Keep Calling’ loaded is treated to a hand-picked Spotify Playlist from dynamic German producer.

As loaded indulges in this exceptionally well-picked playlist, it is easy to see where the German Producer draws his electro-melancholic sound from. The likes of Tame Impala, Don Gardner and the Human League all in one emotionally pumped playlist. listen below:

DJ Wankelmut. Berlin 12.04.17 © Jens Oellermann Nutzung frei unter Angabe eines Credits "Jens Oellermann" oder https://www.facebook.com/JensOellermannFotografie/

Wankelmut told loaded: “I took the chance to show the musical side of Wankelmut, which is a side you don’t see that much in my sets around the world. These 10 tracks about relationships and unrequited love are deeply melancholic and thoughtful. ‘My heart is so heavy’ is a track I listen to constantly.”


Cry Boy Cry – My Heart Is So Heavy


“I really like the combination of that unique voice, the melodies and the basic production. Cry Boy Cry, who are good friends of mine produced this track and SONY jumped on it immediately!”


Filous, James Hersey – How Hard I Try


“James Hearsey is a Vienna based songwriter with the great ability to write little catchy lines that stay in your head forever. His song ‘How Hard I Try’ which was with Austrian wunderkind producer Filous has just passed 65 million plays on Spotify.”


Bob Moses Tearing Me Up


“‘Tearing me up’ by Bob Moses is another highlight for me – great voice and great song.”


Låpsley – Hurt Me


“I think Låpsley can do no wrong with her XL debut album. ‘Long way home’.”


 The Human League – Life On Your Own


“‘Human League’ have been at the forefront of the electronic music since before I was born! Their classic ‘Life On Your Own’ is something that I only recently discovered and those lyrics make total sense. Northern Soul is still pretty underground, especially in the UK.”


Don Gardner – Cheatin’ Kind


“‘Cheatin Kind’ by Don Gardner which demands up to € 10.000 for the original 7inch press!”


Fritz Kalkbrenner -Don’t You Say



Tame Impala – The Less I know The Better




Wankelmut, Björn Dixgård – I Keep Calling

“The other tracks by Fritz Kalkbrenner, Tame Impala and myself round up to 37 minutes of music with no boundaries!” 



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