Proof Euro 2016 is rigged? Sky Sports ‘leak’ results ahead of kick-off

Who would have thought Ray Wilkins would be involved too!

Monday Night Football team
Sky Sports may never be the same again How could it be after this? Image Photo Sky Sports

Sepp Blatter’s contentious claims about rigging European draws using cold balls (ooh er!) may have been given more weight after Sky Sports seemingly leaked the results of today’s three Euro 2016 fixtures.

Well, it was that or some berk behind the scenes at Sky Sports News HQ seriously messed up and also reckons France are going to blow away Albania.

Whatever the case, there could be some cause for concern should the results leaked by Rob Wotton and Ray Wilkins prove to be accurate.

All of sudden football becomes the kind of sporting pantomime you would expect from WWE with grown men investing in a game that is essentially a glorified excuse to see other males in increasingly skimpy outfits.

It would also be hugely disappointing to find out such a deception was orchestrated by Wilkins – a man who struggles to string together sentences on television but is apparently the mastermind behind a Europe-wide football conspiracy.

Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves here, perhaps it was an honest mistake but if Russia do beat Slovakia 1-0 with France winning 4-1 against Albania and Switzerland held to a 2-2 draw with Romania then we know who to blame.

And no one will be spared in the Sky Sports bloodbath that would follow, not Charlie Nicholas, Paul Merson or even Chris Kamara.

In fairness to Kammy though, we may opt to send him off in the same way George dispatched Lenny in Of Mice and Men.

Just keep looking at the trees Kammy, yeah we remember when you missed that guy getting sent off for Portsmouth too but just keep looking at the trees.

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