Elizabeth Hurley strips off to show support for Brexit

One of Great Britain’s best ever exports wants us to ditch the European Union.

Image John Stoddart

Loaded legend Elizabeth Hurley has reaffirmed her support for Britain leaving the European Union in the best way possible: by getting her kit off on Instagram.

Hurley has made no secret of her desire to see the UK leave the EU, having previously tied her colours to the Brexit mast during a frank interview on the topic.

Asked if she was in support of leaving Europe, Hugh Grant’s old flame said:

“If it means we can go back to using decent lightbulbs and choose high-powered hairdryers and vacuum cleaners if we so wish, I’m joining Brexit for sure.”

Evidently of the belief that Brexit could mean a brighter, cleaner future for her housework, Hurley’s concerns over EU bureaucracy governing day-to-day haircare also appear to be major worry for the former magazine cover star.

Keen to send out another message of support for half man, half toad Nigel Farage, Hurley has now taken things up a notch after stripping off for a very special Instagram post.

Pictured wearing nothing save for a well-positioned and entirely tasteful Union Jack cushion – available from all good branches of Poundland – Hurley also offered up some wise words ahead of the EU Referendum.

“Every voice matters. Vote tomorrow- whatever your persuasion. I’m voting #Brexit  #voteleave,” she writes under the eye-catching image.

“No gloating from the winners- no whinging from the losers VOTE!!”

Loaded looks forward to Hurley recreating the same image with cushion bearing the flag of the European Union. Or she could just do away with the cushion altogether…

Hurley is not the only random celebrity to be backing Brexit either, as loaded’s list of the 12 most bizarre stars to be backing the leave campaign demonstrates.

She is probably the most attractive though – no offence to Keith Chegwin.

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