Meet The Dirty Dozen: 12 of the most random celebrities backing Brexit

From Liz Hurley to Rustie Lee, thisis the most bizarre bunch of Brexiters you will ever see.

With the great British European Union referendum just around the corner, plenty of big names have come out in support of the remain campaign.

Everyone from Keira Knightley to Daniel Craig and even David Beckham have tied their colours to the mast of Bremain – but what about those Brexit backers?

The folk who want to keep Britain British, grass green, ale warm and pillows free from the constricting laws of those bureaucrats within the EU?

Well, as it turns they are quite a diverse group of mostly white, mostly wealthy folk – here are 12 of the weirdest.


Julian Fellowes


We kick things off with Fellowes, a man who demonstrated his love for good old-fashioned British values by penning Downton Abbey, a show about a load of posh people living in a house with servants.

“I believe we should be out. It’s about philosophy, it’s about democracy, it’s about democracy versus autocracy, all of those issues,” he said, explaining his decision. That’s a lot of words ending in ‘Y’.


David Icke

David Icke

That’s right, the conspiracy theorist who believes lizards disguised as people govern the world actually thinks the European Commission is a “dictatorship” and “a vehicle for the incessant centralising of power in the hands of a few dark suit bureaucrats”.

Blame those lizards, coming over here taking all our jobs.


Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley posed for Loaded’s first issue
Hurl lot of love Liz Hurley gushed she loved posing for Loaded’s first issue. Image Portraits John Stoddart

Yep, it turns out one of our best British exports is actually against the European Union.

“If it means we can go back to using decent lightbulbs and choose high-powered hairdryers and vacuum cleaners if we so wish, I’m joining Brexit for sure,” she said.

It won’t mean that Liz, but never mind.


John Cleese

John Cleese

Just don’t mention the Germans – because John Cleese is totally against the idea of the EU.

“If I thought there was any chance of major reform in the EU, I’d vote to stay in. But there isn’t. Sad.”

It is sad, John, but not for that reason.


Keith Chegwin

keith chegwin

In fairness to Keith, his popularity does not extend beyond British borders, so we can understand why when asked he offered up the following.

“I’m Brexit! There you go. I’m honest about it,” he said.

“The only reason being is because, yes, we can stay in and renegotiate new terms. But I think it’s always better to shut the door, then open it again and agree better terms.”

Like when Big Breakfast shut the door in your face Keith and you…oh wait…


James Dyson


Even the vacuum cleaner guy is against the European Union.

“We will create more wealth and more jobs by being outside the EU,” he explained. “We will be in control of our destiny.”

Now close your eyes and imagine Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars saying that. Creepy, right?


Rustie Lee

Portraits - Advertising Week EuropeOh Rustie Lee, not you too? Now that’s something we never thought we would say.

Unfortunately, the celebrity chef is an ardent UKIP supporter, having stood for the party in two local elections. At least she can whip up a good cake or something though, right? Right?


Roger Daltrey

roger daltreyWhile it’s still slightly more palatable than Pete Townsend’s internet browsing history, the idea of the Who frontman being against the EU still rankles.

“Do you know what was going on before we went in? It was the 1960s. The most exciting time ever – Britain was Swinging. Films, Theatre, Fashion, Art and Music. We were the World leaders. You had Harold Pinter, The Beatles, John Osborne, Mary Quant, The Stones, Queen… and The Who. 

“This was all before we joined the EU… Britain was the centre of the world. You got that because Britain was doing its own thing… Not sure we’ll ever get that against when we’re ruled by bureaucrats in the European Union.”

There you have it guys – the decline in good guitar bands is down to the EU, not music being shit.


Sir Michael Caine

michael-caineHis name is Michael Caine, and he’s against the European Union.

“I don’t know what to vote for. Both are scary. To me, you’ve now got in Europe a sort of government-by-proxy of everybody, who has now got carried away. Unless there is some extremely significant changes, we should get out,” he explained.

Without Europe, you would never have made The Italian Job, Michael.


David James

David_James_Kerala_BlastersWhile wannabe Conservative Sol Campbell has been pretty vocal in his support for Brexit, we were more disheartened to hear of James’ support for the leave campaign.

“If we leave, there’ll be more English managers and more of a chance for English players,” he told the Evening Standard.

We know what you are trying to pull Dave and I am telling you now, you aren’t going to play in the Premier League again.


Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison Ann Summers
Fancy a dip? Vicky Pattison's swimwear range Image Picture Ann Summers

The Geordie Shore babe broke the news of her support for Brexit on leading political debate show Loose Women.

“We need to leave the EU and be a strong, sovereign country.

“When you see all of the problems that are going on in Greece, Germany and Turkey, it’s clearly not good for us.

“People might say that’s selfish, that I’m not doing my bit for the entire planet. But we can’t save everybody. I’m proud to be British and have no shame in saying we must back Brexit.”

That’s the spirit! Fuck the world and all those people unlucky enough to be born in Greece or Turkey or wherever the fuck it is, we don’t care!


Des Lynam

Des-LynamLike catching your grandad watching porn, the idea of Des backing a European exit is not a massive surprise but it’s still pretty disappoint. And gross.

Unfortunately, Lynam is a big UKIP supporter so it follows that he would back a Brexit.

England would have never had Euro 96 without Europe, Des!

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