The Cup Blowing Challenge Is The Biggest Viral Trend Of 2017

It's harder than it looks...

Take on the cup blowing challenge.... Image deandre__6 Twitter

The #CupBlowingChallenge is the latest viral craze to take over the internet.

It began with a video of a freakishly talented Twitter user called deandre__6 stacking two cups and filling the bottom one with liquid. He then spins the top empty cup and blows it into a third up.

It’s something to behold and seems to defy physics. Watch the awesome clip below:

Explaining the physics behind it, a scientist at For The Win states that its down to ‘rotational inertia,’ since the young man spins one cup within another before blowing it airborne.

When defined, rotational inertia is a property of any object which can be rotated. Which means because said container is cylindrical it can be rotated – therefore outside pressure exerted on the spinning force by a gust of air could, in fact, send it upwards.

Either way, the challenge is everywhere, with many on the web trying their hand and mouth at it. Some have failed hilariously, while others have mastered it or increased the level of difficulty by stacking more cups.



Many cup blowers have also been using it as a distraction while waiting for their food to come at restaurants. The attempts in all their forms are worth checking out for a laugh.

Give it a try. Apparently, it’s not as easy as it looks…

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