7 Comics That Need To Be Made Into Movies Right Now

OR television, just get them on our screens

FABLES Image Vertigo Comics

There are multiple comic books and graphic novels coming to our screens over the next few years – there are over seventy in development in fact.

Included in the list is the highly regarded graphic novel The Wicked + The Divine, which is about a world where pop stars are actual gods. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in live action.

In that vein, loaded found nine more comic books out right now that have been overlooked by the TV and Film powers that be. Make it happen overlords… 




Despite the fact that the TV show ‘Once Upon a Time’ already has the fairy tale character world down pat, Fables is a graphic novel by Vertigo that takes it to another level and needs to be made into a film. It deserves to be a HBO show or even a film franchise. Snow white and the wolf have a litter of kids with tails. It’s pretty twisted, but so addictive. 





Get this, a fantasy tale about an archetypal femme fatale who is immortal and being chased by a cult throughout the ages. She’s also able to hypnotise men with her superpowers. How is this not a movie?

Image Comics




Vertigo comics keeps bringing their A-game. Royals is based in 1940 during the blitz but with a twist. The royal fmaily has super powers, actually anyone with noble blood has special powers. Why can’t they stope the war? Because of a truce among the world’s gentry, that is until England Prince Henry intervenes and rocks the boat, causing a massive retaliation. EPIC television if you ask us. 





A group of medieval tricksters get up to mischief in their home world of Palisade. Assassins try to kill them and coups are imminent. Its political dysfunction and feminism at its best, pretty important in times such as these.

Image Comics




Set in the future, the USA is in the midst of civil war and manhattan, New York is a demilitarised zone. The comic follows reporter Matty Roth as he navigates his way through the chaos of a divided America. Much like Rat Queens, a narrative like this is more than relevant right now. 

MIlestone Comics




Based on the true story of the Winchester haunted house, this Dark Horse graphic novel focuses on the wife of the Winchester rifle legacy, who is determined to rid the house of its curse. She also houses the spirits of Native Americans and soldiers who died by the weaponry of her husband’s company. Uh, yes please. 

Dark Horse




A throwback from the nineties, this comic was about a Mafia hitman who has control over a demonic dimension and the evil things that live there. He can pretty much do anything cool and has a mysterious edge and fucked up-ness that is all the rage right now. Deadpool anyone? 

Top Cow Productions


We’ll just wait here…

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