Find Out Which City Offers The Cheapest Pint In the UK

It’s probably not where you think, either.

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London may be the established home of the UK’s most expensive pint, but have you ever wondered where the cheapest place for an ice cold beer might be?

Well wonder no more, because a new study, published in the Sunday People and commissioned by Thames cruise liner Bateaux London has lifted the lid on the location offering the cheapest tipples on tap.

According to the research, the city offering the cheapest pint, on average, was none other than Liverpool.

A standard pint of lager costs around £2.90 in Liverpool, compared with around £4.50 in London – that’s a saving of around £1.60. It also means those living in Liverpool can enjoy three beers for the equivalent price of two in London.

Sheffield and Nottingham were joint-second in the study, with pint prices settling around the £3 mark. Southampton and Hull offered pints at £3.10 a pop with Stoke just behind on £3.20.

The full rundown reads as follows:

1. Liverpool – £2.90
2. Sheffield/Nottingham – £3
3. Southampton/Hull – £3.10
4. Stoke – £3.20
5. York – £3.35
6. Birmingham/Manchester/Leeds/Newcastle/Norwich – £3.50
7. Reading – £3.65
8. Bristol – £3.80
9. Cambridge – £3.83
10. Edinburgh – £4
11. Oxford/Brighton – £4.25
12. London – £4.50

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London, unsurprisingly, came out bottom in the study. The research comes just days after one pub in the capital was forced to defend a pricing system that saw customers charged £13.40 for one particular pint of ale.

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