Car Smash: The Most Satisfying Experience You’ll Have On Four Wheels

It's the perfect way to let off steam if you've ever experienced car trouble.

We’ve all had one of those cars. It constantly breaks down, randomly fails its M.O.T. and will conk out at the worst possible time.

People will tell you that owning a clapped-out banger is just part and parcel of life. Something to look back on one day and laugh.

But when you’re the owner of one of these petrol-guzzling rust buckets, there’s really only one thing you want to do: give it a good kicking.

Unfortunately, that’s not really  possible when you need to get to work or the shops. But help could finally be at hand.

It’s called Car Smash and it’s the most fun you can have on four wheels.

Located in a scrap yard on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the concept of Car Smash could not be simpler: you are assigned a car, due to be scrapped, along with overalls, protective gear and a selection of tools perfectly suited to taking said car apart.

Sledgehammers, baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs and hammers are just a couple of the options on offer, as you go to town on your chosen vehicle, which you can also spray paint with any number of expletives or words of your choosing.

Every smash, rip and shattered bit of glass strikes a blow for anyone who has ever endured any kind of motoring misery. It’s brutal, surprisingly strenuous and very, very fun.

Merlijn Boshuizen is the brains behind the concept, which can be booked through The Stag Company. 

It’s not just for stag and hen groups though.

According to Boshuizen, Car Smash has proven equally popular with friends looking to have a bit of fun and companies on corporate away days, keen to bond and let off some steam.

With Boshuizen providing music to help get you in the mood for the smash-based mayhem to come (there’s a lot of Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit) this is possibly the most unique holiday experience of your life.

We’ve all had one of those cars. This is your chance to get some revenge.

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