Caprice believes you should give your partner 10 minutes of sex a day

The Loaded cover girl legend knows how to keep her husband happy

Caprice still has it And the Loaded legend knows how to please men

Caprice Bourret has offered up a gentle reminder as to why she remains a favourite female among Loaded readers after revealing she ensures her partner gets at least 10 minutes of sex a day.

You can do a lot with 10 minutes these days – play a game of FIFA, tidy your desk or maybe make a sandwich.

“It’s ten minutes, what is ten minutes for god’s sake!”

But Caprice can do even more with a spare 600 seconds – she can have a full on sex session in that timeframe.

Well, maybe not full on, but enough for every involved to go away satisfied apparently.

The blonde bombshell made the revelations during her debut appearance on Loose Women, where she revealed the secret to her relationship success.

“Men are very simple creatures,” she explained.

“You have to feed them well and you give them a few compliments and you give them sex and you’re done!”

“[For sex] It’s ten minutes, what is ten minutes for god’s sake! I’m okay with that.”

Caprice Bourret
Classic Caprice The Loaded favourite in her heyday Image

Caprice is no stranger to getting a little racing on national television – she famously landed This Morning in hot water a few years back after saying the C word live on air.

And though her Lad mag days may be far behind her now, Caprice continues to be a favourite among men of a certain age, with these latest comments only likely to enhance her reputation with this particular sub-section of male society.

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