‘Botox For Your Penis’ Is Now An Actual Thing And It Sounds Horrendous

Would you give this a try?

Penis botox
Penis botox Would you get this done?

Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever over recent times, and people are going to extreme measures to improve the way they look.

Botox is one of the most commonplace procedures around the world, and now a new treatment – specifically aimed at blokes – is fast becoming one of the biggest trends of 2017.

Bizarrely, ‘Botox for the penis’ is gaining popularity this year, and it’s really not for the faint hearted.

Dr Norman Rowe has helped develop a pioneering treatment, which can enlarge the penis with a ‘ten minute’ procedure.

Sounds fine. But the fact that there’s an injection involved is sure to put a lot of people off.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr Rowe said: “In the last 10 years, we have seen the rise of so many “quick fix” operations like Botox – for the face, for the eyes… I spend so much of my day doing fillers on women’s faces. I started to wonder: why can’t I make it work for men?”

The procedure is described as “a 10-minute Botox-style procedure can add 1.5 inches to the circumference of a man’s member.”

The good Doctor also assured people that there is no pain involved. To be fair though, an injection in the nob sounds pretty damn unpleasant…

The crazy thing is, it’s not even the weirdest penis treatment we’ve seen this year. Many people in the UK are signing up to have their genitals frozen as part of a revolutionary new treatment, which supposedly boosts sex drive.

We’ll take your word for it guys…

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