Boris Johnson’s Latest 2017 Election Gaffe Might Be His Worst Yet

It's not the first time he's been caught out this election campaign...

Boris Johnson election gaffe
Boris Johnson election gaffe Election gaffe Image ITV News

Boris Johnson has suffered a hilarious gaffe on the election trail, not for the first time this campaign.

The Foreign Secretary had an embarrassing encounter with a fortune teller yesterday after asking her to predict the result of the election and, well, you can probably guess what happened next…

After Johnson stopped by Plymouth’s Gipsy Acora while out canvassing, a man said that Labour would win, before the fortune teller hit out in pretty spectacular style.

Taking issue with the fact that Boris had asked for a free reading, she said: “You’re having a laugh.

“You’re taking away my pension and then my rights and then you come and ask me for something for nothing.”

It was a pretty embarrassing moment for the MP, and It’s not the first time that he’s been caught out this election. See his five worst gaffes from the campaign trail below:


When he blew kisses at a Labour MP

This is just bizarre. The moment happened after Johnson took part in a heated debate between Labour MP Ian Laverly, and was accused of never having been to a foodbank.

“Take that back, old boy, take it back,” a flustered Johnson said, before staring straight at Lavery and blowing him a kiss after the interview wrapped up.


When he had no clue about this government report

Johnson was left embarrassed after being unable to answer questions of a government report into funding terrorist groups. The MP only managed mumbled responses after being accused of suppressing a report which could point to suspect Saudi Arabian funding – not a good moment for Boris.


“Big girl’s blouse”

Johnson gave a cringe-worthy interview with Sky News last week and ended up getting a little bit hands-on with Labour MP Andrew Gwynne in the process. An angry impromptu debate ensued between the two, and it proved to be just one of the problematic TV appearances from Johnson throughout the campaign.

An angry impromptu debate ensued between the two, and it proved to be just one of the problematic TV appearances from Johnson throughout the campaign.


When Michael Fallon inadvertently criticised him on TV

Ok, so Boris wasn’t actually responsible for this one, but it was still pretty bad. Michael Fallon was speaking to Channel 4 news when he criticised what he believed to be a quote from Jeremy Corbyn on the origins of extremism, when it was actually about his own Foreign Secretary Johnson – oops.


When he attacked Corbyn for something he did himself

Boris came out attacking Corbyn on BBC radio recently, criticising him for voting against anti-terror laws. However, things backfired for Johnson when host Mishal Husain reminded him that his party also opposed to same laws.

“Well, er, there are, there are, of course, there are measures I have not supported myself,” he replied. “The vast majority of measures that have come before the House of Commons I have supported.”

Host Husain ended up being so exasperated with Johnson by the end of the interview that he told him to: “Please stop talking.”

So, all in all, it wasn’t the smoothest campaign for Johnson. Still, at least he hasn’t rugby tackled any school children this year…

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