Real or fake? The biggest booty on Instagram silences the doubters

Move over Nicki Minaj – there’s a new booty queen in town.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda
My anaconda... Don't. Image Young Money/Republic

The 2010s is fast becoming the decade of the booty with everyone from Iggy Azalea to Beyonce Knowles proving popular with the expanding brethren of those appreciating all things pert and posterior related.

For some time now rapper Nicki Minaj has stood as the undisputed queen of the booty, happy to sit on her throw and let her rump grow ever rounded and more badonka-donk by the way.

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Blac Chyna threatened to depose Minaj from her sizable throne but she was eventually thwarted and condemned to a life with Robert Kardashian – everyone’s least favourite member of the Special K crew.

But now Minaj is facing the kind of threat not seen since the alien spaceships emerged, hovering, over the White House in Independence Day.

And it’s going to take a fight of Bill Pullman proportions for her to win this one.

Her name is Raylynn and, to all intents and purposes she is in possession of the world’s biggest booty.

No filter. ?? See the video on my connectpal. Link in bio

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Measuring a reported 70-inches many, including possibly Minaj, must have hoped that the pictures she uploaded to Instagram were fake.

However Raylynn has already dispelled such suggestions by uploading various videos showcasing her prized posterior in all if its glory


A video posted by Raylynn (@love.randalin) on

Is this bum 100% real or the result of some sneaky photoshop work or, worse still, cosmetic surgery? We just don’t know.

The public meanwhile remain largely undecided but, in the meantime, it can’t hurt to have a closer look at what some could soon be dubbing the 9th wonder of the world.


A photo posted by Raylynn (@love.randalin) on

And by some, we mean sad gits like ourselves with nothing better to do than stare at some random lady on the internet’s bum.

What has my life become?


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