Beer Prices Set To Skyrocket To As Much As £4.50 A Pint

Prices are set to increase in a move that could, ironically enough, drive us all to drink.

A half drunk pint of beer.Image Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Beer-mageddon is fast approaching with the price of the average pint set to soar in the coming months as a result of rising costs.

According to a report from The Daily Star, increases in inflation and business rates, coupled with the introduction of the living wage is set to create the worst kind of trickle-down effect, with the prices attached to pints of some of our favourite tipples set to rise.

The likes of Budweiser, Carling, Heineken and Carlsberg are all set for price hikes in the coming months with the average price of a pint set to rise by around 59p across the country.

Pint for the Queen

But that may only be the start when it comes to rising beer costs, with the weakness of the Pound on the currency exchanges potentially resulting in rises that could leave you spending as much as £4.50 on a pint of lager.

Speaking to the news provider, British Beer and Pubs Association (BBPA) head Brigid Simmonds also revealed that the recent Brexit vote could contribute to further increases.

“The depreciation of sterling certainly means there will be some inflationary pressures through increased costs such as raw materials, packaging, energy and transport costs as well as employment and other cost pressures all businesses face.”

Al Murray Pub Landlord

Previous warnings suggested drinkers could end up paying around £5 more per per person per month, though those estimates only apply to more moderate drinkers.

Not only could taxes on the industry rise by around 5% according to some studies but with the UK set to turn its back on some 35 free trade deals currently in place across the alcohol industry, job losses could follow.

It might be best to get your round in sooner, rather than later.

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