Batman’s fighting style in Batman Vs Superman is based on Conor McGregor

Be afraid Superman!

Conor McGregor faces fresh steroid abuse claims
Conor McGregor McGregor has been the centre of attention in the UFC after being pulled from UFC 200 Image Picture Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Conor McGregor fancies himself as a Batman of the UFC.

But now the Irish featherweight champion has become famous enough to influence the fighting style Batman himself.

Ben Affleck has revealed that McGregor has had a big influence on Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

“This Batman is a little bit more of a brawler. You get a feeling there’s a physical, visceral, slugger-thing,” Affleck told Reuters. “The fights are more smash-mouth, UFC-influenced, like Conor McGregor style.”

Affleck puts those skills to the test when he throws down with Superman, played by Henry Cavill in the film which has been released this week to pretty much universally awful reviews. 

You can’t imagine that Batman would be able to end Superman after 13 seconds or that Superman will choke out Batman. 

McGregor recently pulled out of filming xXx: The Return Of Zander to focus in on UFC 200, where he is expected to fight Nate Diaz in a rematch at 170lbs, following Diaz’s shock win over McGregor in his first lightweight bout earlier this month at UFC 196.

McGregor was tipped to go back down to 145lbs at featherweight following the defeat in Las Vegas. McGregor is still featherweight champion, but has long spoken of his desire to become the first UFC fighter to hold belts at two different weights simultaneously.

Reports are emerging that contracts are virtually signed already for a rematch, again in Las Vegas, on July 9. Diaz hinted that a rematch would “Make sense”, telling Rolling Stone: “I’ve lost plenty of decisions, but I’ve never had a rematch to this day. McGregor’s camp are saying ‘rematch’ and that makes sense. I understand it.”

But, referring to the fighter who got destroyed by McGregor in 13 seconds, Diaz added: “I just think it’s funny, because Jose Aldo never got a rematch.”

Then again, Aldo isn’t box office, like McGregor literally is given his new Batman connections. The Notorious Batman anyone? 

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