Australian student’s secret life as prostitute and drug dealer revealed

Madeline Sawyer was studying Biochemistry at Western Sydney University.

Drugs of the sort taken by Basharat Ditta
Cocaine was only the start One Australian student took things even further

A 19-year-old Australian university student has been outed as a part-time prostitute and drug dealer in shocking turn of events Down Under.

Madeline Sawyer had been studying biochemistry at Western Sydney University but her future now looks in serious doubt after police carrying out a routine search of her vehicle discovered evidence of more serious crimes.

It all started when Sawyer and fellow student Fadhil Al Khafaji were pulled over last October.

Al Khafaji was a disqualified driver who had been driving erratically at the time, but it was what police discovered inside the vehicle that prompted the most concern.

Having discovered two capsules of MDMA in the car’s front console, police decided to conduct a raid on Ms Sawyer’s home.

It was there that they discovered a veritable Aladdin’s cave of narcotics with ecstasy, ice, cocaine and, most damning of all, a set of electronic scales along with $3,660 in cash, all present and correct.

Things quickly worsened for Sawyer too after an investigation of her phone records revealed she had been selling more than drugs to her fellow students.

With a grand total of 28 MDMA capsules, 11-gram bags of ice and 11 grams of cocaine all confiscated by law enforcement officials, Sawyer faces an uphill struggled to clear her name.

Despite this, the 19-year-old initially went on the defensive, claiming the drugs were for “personal use” and that the money found came from her “employment as a prostitute” which apparently makes it okay.

Sawyer has since gone on the record to apologise for her actions and is due for sentencing this week, while her position as a student at Western Sydney University looks increasingly precarious.

Don’t do drugs kids. Or become prostitutes. Obviously.

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