Are the Beyonce surprise album rumours just a hoax?

And can everyone stop doing surprise albums anyway?

Serial surprise album releaser Beyonce
Shout if you want to hear my new album So much for Beyonce releasing a surprise new album this weekend.

On Thursday evening, rumours Beyonce was about to release another surprise album swept the internet.

It was claimed that 13 unlisted videos had appeared on Beyonce’s Vevo page. To add to the flames, her iTunes page was also taken down.

And yet Thursday turned into new release Friday and… well, so far nothing.

Loaded understands that there is indeed a new Beyonce album in the pipeline – but that it won’t be released until April.

Whether an announcement will officially be made that “Beyonce is releasing her new album on April 1” is happening isn’t yet clear. But conspiracy theories about iTunes and Vevo? Hmm.

It’s less than a month since the last “This surprise album is going to be surprise released today!” nonsense. The Stone Roses were definitely absolutely going to release their comeback album on March 4, after a #SR0403 hashtag took off the day before.

News of the Roses’ first album for 21 years, among the smoke and mirrors, was finally traced back to an Australian record shop having a laugh.

And these claims about Beyonce’s iTunes and Vevo pages have equally little substance to them. Although they originated from a usually reliable source – Shady Music Facts – everyone seems to have forgotten that Beyonce is no longer affiliated to iTunes.

iTunes may have released Beyonce’s self-titled surprise album in 2013 – the first surprise album by a big pop act – but her recent single Formation was released via Tidal, not iTunes.

Surely fans are better off watching out for what’s happening on Tidal instead now?

When Formation was released, Loaded hinted that Beyonce would be due to release a new album before her world tour starts on April 27 in Miami.

That still seems likely. But everything since her Formation tour was announced suggests that an album only a few days before was going to be the plan.

Our money is on April 1, so that’s not too long to wait. Expect a suitable “I fooled y’all” style announcement on April Fool’s Day. Maybe…

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