This Clip Of Andy Gray And Richard Keys Will Leave You Very Confused

Should fans be worried for the former Sky Sports duo?

Andy Gray and Richard Keys.
Andy Gray and Richard Keys The dynamic duo. Image Getty

Andy Gray and Richard Keys found a new way to be politically incorrect during a recent broadcast that may have left fans fearing for the former Sky Sports duo.

Gray and Keys famously landed themselves in serious hot water a few years back with some ill-advised and rather dated comments concerning the use of female match officials in football.

Now the pair have found a new way to appear outdated and out of touch during a discussion about former prime minister Tony Blair on their regular programme on BeIn Sports.

During the broadcast, Gray made the rather bold claim that Blair had been prime minister back in the 1970s and 1980s.

But while Gray’s football mindset might have been stuck back in the 1970s during Blair’s time in office, everyone knows the former Labour leader led the country for close to a decade from May 1997 to June 2007.

Not that Richard Keys helped matters though, correcting Gray to tell him Blair was actually prime minister in the “80s and 90s.”

The comments, picked up by Ashley Connick on Twitter, have since gone viral with most fans left entirely baffled as to what in the blue hell was going on.

One fan was quick to point out that Gray’s claims would mean Blair was actually PM while he was still playing the beautiful game.

Another Twitter user revealed that their late mother actually felt out with Keys on a flight back to the UK from Mallorca after the presenter refused to put his airplane seat up.

Former prime minister Tony Blair.
Tony Blair Definitely not prime minister in the 1970s and 1980s. Image Getty Images

Are Keys and Gray losing their minds? Has all that sunshine over in their Doha base finally started to go to their heads?

Keys has so far failed to comment on the clip, despite being an avid Twitter user.

This comes despite the former Sky Sports man turning into a full blown parody of Alan Partridge on his personal blog in recent months.

Either way, this is all very, very confusing and weird.

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