The bleak alternate ending to Alien Resurrection you never got to see

Ripley and Call enjoy a spot of sightseeing after defeating the evil alien/biscuit monster.

Alien Resurrection Image 20th Century Fox

Alien Resurrection, much like Alien 3 before it, is a film that continues to divide opinion.

For writer Joss Whedon it will always be a “shitty Alien movie with my name on it” while for director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, it represents a major departure from the largely light and Gallic oeuvre.

Sigourney Weaver excels as the clone of the long-deceased Ellen Ripley with Wynona Ryder’s Call filling in for Newt and Ron Perlman adding some colour to proceedings.

There are plenty of memorable moments too, with one underwater fight sequence standing out in particular, even if the climatic battle with Ripley’s half-alien, half-biscuit monster/child falls a little flat.

A still from Alien Resurrection
Mother and son Ripley and the biscuit beast. Image 20th Century Fox

Much of Whedon’s script failed to make it into the finished film, with the Buffy scribe originally bringing the action back to earth for a finale that saw Ripley and Wynona Ryder’s Call see off the alien half-spawn with the help of a futuristic combine harvester.

But Whedon was not the only one to have his ending vetoed either, as a deleted scene that posits a very different end to the film suggests.

Jeunet’s passion for all things French has been clear through much of his work to date – you need only watch films like Delicatessen and Amelie to see that.

However, Alien Resurrection was an entirely different affair, or at least that is how it ended up in the final version of the movie.

In one alternative cut, however, it’s a very different story with Ripley, Call and the assorted band of survivors from the Betty landing on a planet earth that looks very, very different.

Something of a barren wasteland, Ripley and Call survey what is left of our once great planet, which now appears to resemble something approaching a junkyard.

The camera then moves across for the movie’s Planet of the Apes-style moment, with the remains of a monument in the far background confirming that, this is no wasteland, but actually the French capital, Paris.

As bleak a conclusion as you are likely to find, this version didn’t make it to the final cut, with the movie ending instead with Call and Ripley gazing down at Planet Earth from up in space.

The more downbeat ending, this cut version did at least seal off the Ripley story, with the character escaping with Call in a bid to evade the authorities that will soon arrive.

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