This is what Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin could look like

We've got a few hunches...

Aladdin film
Aladdin (1992) Image Walt Disney Productions

Disney’s quest to remake all their classics into live action films continues.

We’ve already had Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent and The Jungle Book. Soon we’ll be getting Beauty and the Beast and then The Lion King and now word has come that Aladdin will be joining them.

Guy Ritchie of Lock Stock and Snatch fame is the somewhat surprising choice to direct this adaptation of the popular Disney film, which itself was adapted from one of the stories in The Arabian Nights.

So far, little more has been revealed about this live-action version but with casting choices already being thrown around we have a feeling Ritchie might look to some of his old regular casting choices to fill out the roles. Here’s what we’ve come up with…

Aladdin – Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell/Aladdin
Toby Kebbell / Aladdin Kebbell to play Aladdin? Image Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Disney.Wikia.Com

For Aladdin himself we’ve gone for Toby Kebbell. On paper Kebbell might seem a bit too old to play Aladdin (Kebbell is 34 while Aladdin is meant to be 18), but we reckon a little bit of tinkering with the script combined with Kebbell’s youthful looks could stand the actor in good contention for the lead role.

Genie – Robert Downey Jr.

Genie/Robert Downey jr.
Robert Downey Jr. / Genie Downey jr. to play genie? Image Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Dinsey.Wikia.Com

Genie is and will always be Robin Williams to everyone. However if there’s one actor we reckon could at least match the quick-witted eccentricities and bring something quite unique to the character in the way Williams did it would be Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr.

Princess Jasmine – Thandie Newton

Jasmine / Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton / Jasmine Newton to play Jasmine? Image Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Disney.Wikia.Com

For the role of Princess Jasmine we wouldn’t be surprised if Thandie Newton isn’t at least considered. The Brit actress is currently winning plenty of critical praise for Westworld, and she also featured in Ritchie’s Brit flick RocknRolla.

Jafar – Jason Flemyng

Jafar / Jason Flemyng
Jason Flemyng / Jafar Flemyng to play Jafar? Image Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Disney.Wikia.Com

Jason Flemyng for Jafar, this needs to happen. He’s shown he can play evil before (X-Men: First Class anyone) and Guy Ritchie knows him well from the likes of Lock Stock and Snatch. Admit it, you can just imagine him twirling that curly beard.

Sultan – Alan Ford

Sultan / Alan Ford
Alan Ford / Sultan Ford to play Sultan? Image Stuart Wilson/Getty Images, Disney.Wikia.Com

The Sultan is a difficult one to cast but we’ve gone for Alan Ford. Ford’s most memorable role with Guy Ritchie is his turn as Brick Top in Snatch; a role that features Ford getting to spew some world class swearing on anyone who gets in his way. Disney will likely have reservations about Ford bringing this to the role but we still think he could pull it off.

Iago – Jason Statham

Iago / Jason Statham
Jason Statham / Iago Statham to play Iago? Image Michael Buckner/Getty Images, Disney.Wikia.Com

It remains to be seen if Iago will be featured and if so we can’t seriously see Ritchie opting to go with Gilbert Gottfried in a bird suit, or even Gilbert Gottfried at all. This could be where The Stath makes his presence felt, even if it’s just a voice role. Iago speaking with Statham’s raspy cockney tones could work we say.

Razoul – Vinnie Jones

Razoul / Vinnie Jones
Vinnie Jones / Razoul Jones to play Razoul? Image Jeff Spicer/Getty Images, Disney.Wikia.Com

Finally, Vinnie Jones as the big hulking guard Razoul. Anyone who can remember X-Men: The Last Stand will know Jones does a good stand-there-and-look-menacing routine, let’s just hope he doesn’t have to say: “Don’t know you know who I am? I’m Razoul bitch!”

The new live-action version of Aladdin is being distributed by Walt Disney Pictures with a release date still to be confirmed.

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