Nine Tracks We Can’t Stop Listening To

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Continuing on from our weekly killer tracks list – this week loaded dives into some old gems from the likes of DJ Mehdi, and Frank Ocean and we peek at Jessie J’s long-awaited comeback.



Jessie J – Think About That

Released earlier this month, Jessie J’s ‘Think About That’ comes as part of her long-awaited comeback. The British Songstress is well known for her incredible voice. This track is everything we’ve ever wanted from the singer – the stylistic approach with the refined Jazz like piano chords remind us of a dark and moody Melodie Gardot – and we love it!



Kara Marni – Golden

London based singer Kara Marni premiered her first ever single ‘Golden’ earlier this month. The young singer dives into the common topic of love with a base heavy percussive beat, tucked under vivid vocals that project a sense of nostalgia and longing. The visuals go hand in hand with this and create a vibe that will surely get you reminiscing a past love. We’re excited to see what else Kara Marni has in store for us.



ROE – Playground Fights

ROE’s performance at Glasto last summer left us stunned. The younger singer revealed her incredible talent and showed us her confidence on stage as a multi-instrumentalist. ‘Playground Fights’ starts with ROE’s soft voice echoing over lush melodic chords-escalating into a crescendo of drums and bassy undertones. We’re super excited to see her perform at The Vault Sessions on the 2nd of November!



Ariana And the Rose, RKCB – Love You Lately

‘Love You Lately’ first came to our attention back in May – It’s electronic dream-wave R&B sounds glaze over a beat weaved with melancholic vocals from Ariana And the Rose and LA duo RKCB. The New York-based singer ventures away into new territory on this track and it works magically. Combining Art and music she captures the fragility of love in a music video that is both tasteful and beautiful to watch. This is loaded’s track of the week. The easiest decision we’ve made this week for sure.



:PM – Grown Ups

These boys from Yorkshire have caught our attention with their debut single ‘Grown Ups’. We all know boy bands come and go but we’re seeing something special here – the playful music video (shot entirely by the boys) compliments the song wonderfully reminding us of the late 90’s when boyband magic was very much still alive. The boys will undoubtedly be compared to One Direction but we think they’re paving their own road! Check out their video below.



Bright Light Bright Light – I Only Want To Please You Ft. Ana Matronic

Having collaborated with the likes of Elton John and The Scissor Sisters, Bright Light Bright Light brings us vivid 80’s visuals for ‘Only Want To Please You’. This feels like an American Apparel music video – remember them? This track will give you all the energy you need to get through the week.



The Magician – Slow Motion

The Magician, TCTS and Sam Sure join forces on ‘Slow Motion’. The Magician is well known for producing bangers. He has topped charts with Lykke Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ in the past, and even has a UK top 10 single under his belt – ‘Sunlight’. We put ‘Slow Motion’ high on our list of bangers as a deserving contender for a top 10 chart slot.




Dj Mehdi – Signatune

Revisiting one of loaded’s favorite musicians the Late DJ Mehdi brought us ‘Signatune’. A drive anthem that still pumps out a memorable base heavy movement vibe – a track like this will make you want to keep on going all night long. The music video follows two French boy racers going head to head with the loudest Sub Woofers.



Frank Ocean – Swim good

Perhaps one of the greatest singer/songwriters of this generation. Frank Ocean consistently manages to entice and captivate audiences with his unique melodic flows, and effortless words. The singer has himself become a standard for tastemakers. His unique storytelling techniques wisp you away into his world and give you a glimpse into an otherwise private life. ‘Swim Good’ – a solemn and serious song about Frank’s desire to drive his car into the ocean… This is our Sunday track.



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