7 Signs Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

Better late than never.

Is sex during the work day a good idea? Image Lovehoney

We never want to think that our partner is a lying bastard who is cheating on us, but some things are best to find out as soon as possible.

Sure, February is a time to celebrate love, but if we must be cynical about it, most couples end up getting a divorce, and more times than we’d like, our significant other decides to find love elsewhere.

Victoria Milan, the popular extramarital dating site, decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by asking its members what they thought were the signs they noticed if someone cheated on them, and the results might frighten you -that is, if you have notice your partner doing any of them…


Acting distant and avoiding eye contact

Don't look away! Image MGM

Did you and your partner use to have staring contests just for fun and now they seem very intent on not looking you in the eye? Dodgy.


Taking extra care with their appearance

If they are now taking care of themselves, it's over Image FOX

If your significant other used to wear yoga pants 24/7 but is now spending hundreds of pounds on new clothes, there might just be something going on… 


Showering at strange hours or putting clothes directly in the laundry

Nobody likes doing the laundry Image NBC

This would mostly apply to men, specially those who haven’t done the laundry in their life and thought that daily showers were just a fad.


Having contradicting alibis

Nope Image Columbia Records

Saying “I was at my best friend’s house all night,” only to find out that they weren’t with their friend and then having to hear “nope, sorry, I WAS with my friend, then I went to the cinema. By myself.” At least be consistent with your lies!



Having lipstick marks or perfume on their clothes

You never know... Image NBC

That is just way too obvious. And it clearly means that your partner doesn’t give a damn about getting caught.


Making excuses to not have sex

Sleep later... Image Lee

Who wouldn’t want to have sex? Something is going on there (maybe).


Keeping bills or invoices of dates secret

Well, HE can get away with it Image Eon

If you are already sharing everything, why would your partner hide some random bill? Unless they want to hide that hotel escapade they had with their lover when they were supposed to be on some work trip.

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