5 Unusual Gifts for Girlfriends

So, it’s your girlfriend’s birthday in two weeks and you have no idea what to get her?

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So, it’s your girlfriend’s birthday in two weeks and you have no idea what to get her?

She has pretty much everything she needs and you can’t afford to whisk her away on a romantic weekend break, but you’re absolutely stumped for gift ideas and it’s driving you nuts! We’ve all been there and while money should be no object, most women just want to think that you’ve put a lot of thought and consideration into your present. This it seems, is often far more important than how much it costs.

We have come up with some unusual but great gift ideas that don’t cost a fortune, that may be the one thing she is certainly not expecting!


Tattoo Voucher

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Nice tatts Image "arica" (CC BY 2.0) by BLACK NICK

If your girlfriend loves tattoos and body art, then why not get her a voucher for a tattoo session with a reputable local tattooist – even better, with a guest tattoo artist or a body art festival? She can book the session once she has decided what she wants, and the tattoo will always remind her of you! Tattoo vouchers are especially popular for ladies who may have considered a tattoo but never had one done.


Psychic Reading

If your girlfriend is spiritually inclined and wants to know what the future holds, then psychic and clairvoyant readings can be a great gift that adds a bit of mystery to her birthday! Clairvoyant readings focus on the future and can give insight and guidance to work, home and even relationships! This is a very thoughtful gift, especially if she is considering a career change or house move.


Skydiving Or Bungee Jumping

Sky Diving

If the love of your life is an adrenaline junkie, then why not book a skydive for her or you could even do a tandem skydive together! Skydiving and bungee jumping are fast becoming a popular gift where everyone can book a day out and come home with a hilarious video of the event. The sky’s the limit, so treat her like a queen of the skies!


Recording Studio Session

Does your girlfriend sing in the mirror or in the shower? Even if she has a terrible voice, if she loves to sing then why not get her a day in a recording studio? Recording studio sessions offer the chance to feel like a star and get behind the mic, coming home with a CD of your professionally produced and mastered track. The track might be on replay in the car for a few months, but she will love it.


Spa Day And Pamper Session


If your girlfriend loves pampering (or if she’s been way too busy to relax properly lately), then she’ll definitely appreciate it if you book her a spa day and pamper session. The gift experience usually lets you have full use of the facilities such as swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi but lets you book additional pamper treatments like massages, reflexology and beauty treatments. Let her relax and enjoy her birthday with a special day out.

Buying a gift for your loved one can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming event, so why not get her something a bit quirky, something that she will never forget and something that she would never have thought of herself? 

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