Zlatan Ibrahimovic performs bizarre sex act in FIFA 17 glitch

The Manchester United striker showcased a very different set of skills.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United.Image Getty/Laurence Griffiths

Zlatan Ibrahimovic fans look away now; because your boy has been caught doing something rather rude on FIFA 17.

The latest incarnation of the EA Sports franchise has been well-received by fans of the football sim and boasts some of the most cutting-edge graphics ever seen on the game.

In fact, they look so realistic that the clips that feature in GameSprout’s latest compilation of FIFA 17 fails appear all-too-real.

All of which spells bad news for Ibrahimovic, after his FIFA 17 doppelganger featured in arguably the most X-rated gaming glitch we have seen since the days of Duke Nukem 3D and those strippers.

FIFA games have been known to feature their fair share of errors in the past but this particular error sees Ibrahimovic involved in something altogether inappropriate for a football pitch.

The clip is simple enough to explain: having just scored a goal, Ibrahimovic seemingly decides to celebrate by given the opposition goalkeeper a gift. Orally. In his bum.

It’s difficult to know quite how this happened and whether the programmers planned to include this rather unusual moment of oral-based tomfoolery but something tells us Zlatan will be far from amused.

Still, the five-minute-long compilation does offer plenty of other, far less x-rated highlights showcasing the various glitches and FIFA 17 fails already recorded for posterity.

With almost a year until the next incarnation of the sports game arrives, something tells us there will be a few more like these to come.

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