You’ve Probably Been Holding Your Beer Wrong This Whole Time

It's not all about that base....

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Anyone who holds their beer by the base is doing it ALL wrong.

According to a Quora thread, beers have long necks for a reason. You’re supposed to hold a cold one by its slender neck to prevent the sweet nectar inside from going warm too fast.

Beer should be drunk at a temperature ranging between 6 and 13 degrees Celsius. When connected with a bare hand measuring 37 degrees celsius, the prime drinking time is lost quickly and it soon becomes useless and warm.  No one likes a hot brew.

Waitrose's Best of British Beer Magnum Image Waitrose

Aside from this fact, there are many, many reasons why a beer bottle has a slender neck, and they range from the practical to the aesthetic.

The history of bottled beer goes back about four centuries, though we can’t confirm they held their beer by the neck, they did, however, use the long funnel to pull bottles out of the cold sand-filled barrels in home breweries.

Additionally, in modern times, the necks are useful during production, it gives the machines something to grab onto during the glass blowing process.

Based on a Twitter poll loaded conducted today, it seems that a vast majority of beer drinkers have been practicing unsafe drinking. A whopping 69% of users hold their beers by the base. Tsk, tsk. 


The best way to keep your beer at that crisp temperature is not to let your warm body heat near the base, keep your hands around that neck. It’s there for a reason.

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