Watch These YouTubers Get Up To Serious Mischief On Their Addictive Channels

They have a massive following and we can see why

Pranksters Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith Image YouTube

BF vs GF is a very successful YouTube channel and offshoot of the equally lucrative Prank vs Prank which has collected over 10 million subscribers thus far. BF vs GF has over 9 million. 

It was created by Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith who started sharing videos of their pranks on each other back in 2007, the first clip showing Jeana throwing down some serious cinnamon. We all know how that would turn out. Cough.

Prank vs Prank expanded to an array of prank videos including a recent offering involving a police officer and Pokemon.

However the channel is probably best known for its 17-million view clip showing Jesse, who is a skilled skater boy, riding an outfitted “magic carpet” attached to a motorised boosted board through the streets of New York City, dressed as Aladdin no less. The video went viral pretty quickly last year and is still a staple of entertainment on the interweb, thanks to its awesomeness.

The sister channel, BF vs GF is also the gift that keeps on giving–the former couple daily vlogged their lives and stunts until earlier this year when they announced a hiatus from both the channel and their 10-year relationship.

Never fear, the latest offerings show the couple back on track, along with an addictive video of Jeana piggy-backing on Jesse as they zip and weave through the streets of Philadelphia on an always-at-hand boosted board. There is also a clip of Jeana hanging off the side of a giant building.

Jesse has since moved to New York City where many of his solo videos take place. What a backdrop eh?

Safe to say, we can expect many pranks and city skating in the future. Keep on keepin’ on Jeana and Jesse!

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