YouTuber Spends £190 Creating The Ultimate McDonald’s Burger

Jake Mitchell has an unhealthy obsession with McDonald’s

The mother of all burgers by Jake Mitchell.
The mother of all burgers from Jake Mitchell Image YouTube/Jake Mitchell

YouTube vlogger and all-round social media sensation Jake Mitchell spent close to £200 creating arguably the most insane McDonald’s burger you are ever likely to see.

Keen to get in on the craze for McDonald’s Secret Menu items – items which combine standard McDonald’s menu items to create something unique – the 17-year-old enlisted the help of a few mates in creating his very own addition.

“We have 10 of these burgers [big tasties] and then we have 50 Big Macs,” Mitchell explained in the latest video uploaded to his YouTube channel.

“So what we are doing is we are going to take the burgers apart and we are going to make one massive burger and see what it looks like.”

With the big tasties placed and the bottom and using kebab skewers to maintain structural integrity, the gang set about making their meaty monstrosity.

Tomatoes were also kicked into touch, in a bid to avoid letting the whole thing get a bit, well, soggy.

The result was the strangest McDonald’s burger you are ever likely to see and one that would probably struggle to eat in one sitting. Well, probably.

It wasn’t cheap either, with this particular McDonald’s haul amounting to around £190.40.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jake has gone a little wild in the Golden Arches, having previously spent over £400 finding out whether the McDonald’s Monopoly competition was rigged.

Anyone looking to investigate the McDonald’s secret menu may be better served by following some of the tried-and-tested inclusions like The McGangBang or the Land, Air and Sea Burger.

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