YouTuber Tricks Tinder Dates With Hilarious Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Prank

How would you react to this?

Ex-girlfriend prank
Ex-girlfriend prank How would you react to this? Image YouTube/HammyTV

How would you react if your Tinder match had a crazy ex that turned up and totally crashed the date?

That’s exactly what YouTuber HammyTV tried to find out with his latest prank. The vlogger got a friend of his to pose as a crazy ex-girlfriend, who went totally batshit when she saw him on a date with another woman.

After cruising around, Hammy staged a few phone calls, before him and his three separate dates came face to face with her.

After banging on the windows of the car, the ‘ex’ climbs on top of the car and unleashed a barrage of insults – hardly what you want to see on a first date.

Two of the dates are extremely calm after the confrontation, and one even films her as she climbs in through the sunroof.

“So this isn’t real life? She’s not really your crazy ex?” one asks.

However, it’s all a bit much for one of the women, who is left shaking after the encounter.

How would you react in the same situation? One thing’s for sure – no-one’s swiping right for Hammy after seeing this…

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