This YouTuber Turned His Storage Unit Into An Apartment Fit For A King

This is a very illegal move, by the way

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A man named Michael from Vancouver is racking up views on his YouTube channel – aptly named 007craft – thanks to his secret and illegal living arrangements.

After hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for two months, Michael returned to Canada homeless, since he’d given up his flat before he left on his excursion. He decided to live in his car until he could find a new place but realised there might be a better option.

Instead of slumming it in his automobile, he moved his entire life into a storage unit in Vancouver – building a tiny living space that included all the amenities a dude could need, even incorporating a 4K flat screen television, a bed, a couch and a bar. The rent was $205 CAD a month. See the video below.

Michael also innovated ways to ‘borrow’ water from water coolers in the storage company’s building and would sneak around at night as employees had no idea he was sleeping there – using their electricity, cooking in a toaster oven.

He said there was no worry of fire as he told CTV News, “I made sure it was like, safe.”

He detailed his experience in a reddit post, writing; “Also I wanted to do it for fun. I made my car the coolest living space I’ve ever seen done to a car so I figured I would for my storage unit as well.”

Soon the storage company found out he was squatting and kicked him out. Which was okay with Michael – as he’s moved into a new apartment. One that he plans to outfit with a rock climbing wall. Ugh.

London rents are so insane, that loaded might just try this out. Look out for us Big Yellow Storage! 

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