YouTuber Promises To Make Sex Tape If She Hits One Million Subscribers

Vlogger Lena Nersesian is willing to go to extreme lengths in the hunt for hits.

Lena on YouTube.
Lena The Plug On YouTube Image Lena The Plug/YouTube

A popular online celebrity has revealed she is willing to go to some pretty incredible lengths to get more YouTube subscribers – like starring in her very own sex tape.

Lena Nersesian is already an established force in the world of vlogging.

But it would appear that the YouTuber, who has never been afraid of talking about sex on her channel Lena the Plug, is taking things to a whole new level.

Her latest video, ‘$EXTAP AT 1 Mill’, sees the curvy star promise to star in her very own sex tape alongside fellow YouTuber Adam22.

But there is a catch. In order to get the tape made, Lena says she needs to reach 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube.

“You may or may not have heard that I am planning on making a sex tape when I hit a million subscribers,” she explained on the video.

Lena the Plug on Twitter.

“I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the last year, putting provocative pictures on the Internet will get you such offers but it’s never been something I’ve been interested in, or tempted by.

“I don’t want to do porn and I really have no interest in doing it.

“But a sex tape with someone that I’m seeing and totally comfortable having sex with – that sounds cool to me.”

Undoubtedly part of a publicity stunt, Lena still has some way to go before she hits her target with the vlogging star currently boasting a slightly underwhelming 124,564 subscribers.

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