YouTube Douchebags Unite To Catch Out Bloke’s Cheating Girlfriend

Not all heroes wear capes.

The Dynamic Duo Image Catch A Cheater/YouTube

YouTube is littered with any number of vlogger dude bro douchebags but this is a story about two that successfully combined to catch out another unsuspecting bro’s cheating girlfriend.

Let’s start by introducing the principal players in this story. First up, there’s Connor Murphy, a fitness personality, and prankster who has made a name for himself with a series of video-based pranks that mostly involve his six pack.

Then there’s the YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, in which some random bro called Luis Mercado recruit attractive looking men and women to flirt with members of the public, while said individual’s boyfriend or girlfriend watches on via a series of hidden cameras.

It’s a test to see whether they will remain faithful to their other half and, more often than not, it’s a test they fail. Especially if they are blokes. This story isn’t about some gullible guy falling for an attractive looking would-be actress though.

For this “prank” Connor Murphy went undercover for To Catch A Cheater to expose one unsuspecting dude’s girlfriend, a blonde woman by the name of Carly.

The “test” saw Connor approach the unsuspecting female and begin flirting with her, while her boyfriend secretly watched on.

Playing along with what she thought was a prank, the girlfriend in question jokingly planted a kiss on Connor’s abs – because it had to centre on his abs, right?

It’s when the prank cameras stop rolling that the real investigation begins. Connor continues secretly filming you see, and the girlfriend is caught swapping numbers and arranging a meet-up with the YouTube sensation.

Shocked at what he’s just seen, the boyfriend in question turns to the To Catch A Cheater host, visibly distressed. “Be straight man, did they f*** or what happened?” He shouts. Louis, the presenter, gives a suitably sensitive response of course. No, no he doesn’t. “Well he didn’t use the word f*** actually…”

Like a YouTube douchebag version of the Justice League, the dynamic pairing have ensured justice has been served. Even though, you know, she may not have cheated on her boyfriend or anything if these two hadn’t turned up in the first place. But who are we to judge.

It’s not the first time To Catch A Cheater has featured on loaded. We previously chronicled the story of one dude who came extremely close to cheating on his lady friend with an attractive gym instructor. He was a douchebag too.

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