Your Political Views Have A HUGE Effect On Your Sexual Habits

If you wanted to vote for Trump, you're probably into some pretty weird stuff...


Whether you realise it or not, our political views have a pretty big impact on the way we live our lives.

The way we think about politics can have significant effects in so many different aspects of everyday life, and its now been revealed that the way you vote could have a huge effect on your sexual tendencies too.

A new study conducted by swingers network Wyylde in France has revealed that the more extreme your political views, the more likely you are to be into extreme, or kinky sex.

4,000 French people were quizzed about their sexual habits in comparison to their political views, and the results showed that people who supported the far-right Marine Le Pen had some pretty outlandish sexual traits.

The study showed that people who expressed far-right tendencies were more likely to practice sex acts associated with hardcore adult movies, like spanking and showing sexual dominance.

Image Troublemaker

The left-leaning members of the survey, however, showed very difference sexual preferences.

Thirty seven percent of the far-left voters in the study revealed that they had participated in threesomes, while only nineteen percent of those on the far-right said the same.

The left were also much more likely to engage in swinging, with twenty three percent saying they had shared partners before, compared to twelve percent on the right.

Those in the centre of the political spectrum were far less adventurous in their sex lives, with only 13% admitting to having a threesome before.

It suggests that the more extreme your political views, the more ‘taboos’ you’re likely to break in the bedroom – is there a similar link between your views, and your sexual tendencies?

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