Your Choice Of Coffee Shop Could Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

Cheaters tend to veer to one particular brand according to new research.

Cup of coffee
Your coffee preferences Can say a hell of a lot about you Image (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Some stick to Starbucks. Other prefer Costa. Then there’s the Nero crowd. Whatever your preference, the reality is undeniable: we are a society obsessed with coffee shops.

Where once a humble cup of an instant coffee constituted an afternoon treat, now workers are heading out for any number of espressos, flat whites and Frappuccino lattes.

And your choice of coffee shop can say a hell of a lot about you as a person, like the state of your relationship, for example.

Figures produced by Ashley Madison, the “dating” site that specialises in affairs, shows that Costa Coffee ranks first among Brits as their preferred coffee shop to meet an affair partner.

With a whopping 2,121 locations across the UK, it seems the savvy coffee lovers out there are keen to tally up those loyalty points wherever possible – even during illicit encounters.

Costa is far and away the coffee shop of choice for Ashley Madison customers living in the UK too, with 28 per cent of members ranking it as their favourite just ahead of Starbucks (24%) and standard independent coffee shops (20%).

In a weird turn of events, it also seems many of these coffee lovers are only too happy to meet up with a potential new, second partner, in their preferred coffee shop.

Based on a study of 2,300 members, the research found 12 per cent of customers had met up for a dangerous liaison in their local branch of Costa, with Starbucks (12 per cent) and independent coffee shops (four per cent) also proving popular.

A coffee from Starbucks.
Coffee Starbucks style Image Starbucks

So what does this all mean? Are you more inclined to cheat if Costa is your coffee shop of choice? Probably not, but it might be good to go a little further afield if you do insist on playing the field.

Choosing Costa or Starbucks to hook up with a secret lover does suggest you aren’t particularly bothered about being caught out by a partner, friend or acquaintance though.

It might just be better all round if you split up, so as to avoid any potential awkward situations like this.

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