(Younger) sisters are doing it for themselves

What is going on in Bella Hadid’s Love Advent video?

Bella Hadid stars in Love Advent’s calendar
Peek behind the door Bella Hadid from Love Advent’s latest calendar.

Hadid, Moss, Kardashian: together at last!

Except it’s Bella Hadid, Lottie Moss and Kylie Jenner (OK, not officially a Kardashian) who star in a new photoshoot for Vogue.

The shoot is the best example of the next generation from supermodel dynasties marking their mark at the same time.

Bella Hadid is also today’s star in Love Advent’s festive countdown, with previous models behind their 24 doors having included Rita Ora, Stella Maxwell and Emily Ratajkowski.

Unlike her big sister Gigi’s conventional video, Bella’s is utterly nuts. Bella strips to her undies, before suddenly reappearing as a bunnygirl, Wonderwoman and flying a cartoon plane. It’s as if Danny Bear and Clem Fandango from Toast Of London’s voiceover studio had been given a load of cash and told to advertise lingerie.

Kate Moss’ sister Lottie in Vogue
Kate II Kate Moss’ younger sister Lottie makes her debut for Vogue. Image Picture Carter Bowman/Vogue

Lottie, 17, is still studying for her A-Levels but has said she intends to follow Kate down the catwalk and move to London once she’s finished her studies in Sussex. That contrasts with Bella, who has an alternative career as a showjumper.

Hadid is a serious contender to make the USA’s equestrian team for next year’s Olympics in Brazil. Make up your own filly jokes, thanks. And don’t think about any riding or jumping gags. If that doesn’t work out, at least she’s already modelled for everyone from Topshop to Tom Ford.

Doubtless, their younger brother Anwar will be modelling soon enough, while their pet budgie will be on the cover of RSPCB News before you know it. And if they ever decide to embark on a singing career, the Hadids’ stepfather David Foster is perfectly placed to oversee it: he produced hits for Madonna, Whitney Houston, J-Lo and, er, Westlife.

As for Kylie Jenner? Well, if you’ve read this far, you surely know all about her already…

Advent a clue Gigi Hadid's baffling Love Advent video.
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