You Can Now Join A Gym Exercise Class Where Everyone Is Naked

It's all about comfort.

Working out in the gym.
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We’ve all been to one of those workout gym classes. They are entertaining, yes, but after a while, sweat makes your T-shirt stick to your chest, and your trousers aren’t that comfortable anymore. Well, now there is a solution to all your problems: naked workout sessions.

Nude-ercise is a new concept of workout that offers one-to-one personal training and also group sessions. It moves from place to place, its area of work being the South East of England. So if you want to experience the freedom of doing your crunches, your squats and your press-ups while going commando, this is the place where you should be.

Now you can get all comfy while doing the plank Image Nude-ercise Facebook Page

But it’s not meant to be a sexual experience at all. On its Facebook page, Nude-ercise states that these workouts are carried out so that naturists can attend and feel comfortable. The “catering” service makes sure of it by specifying that there are no “extras” offered.

The newest location for Nude-ercise is Southampton, where personal trainer Helen Smith will be running a nude boot camp class at Oaklands pool (although women can choose to wear sports bras).

Best advice ever Image Nude-ercise Facebook Page

Generally, the workout sessions offered by Nude-ercise are completely free of clothes, but if you attend one, you may wear your trainers (you know, for comfort).

As their Facebook page claims, Nude-ercise is “always open.” So don’t miss your chance and join one of their workouts. It promises to be a unique experience.

Much more comfortable to do this naked Image Christian Augustin/Getty Images

Just think of all the dirty gym clothes laundry you won’t have to be doing anymore.

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