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You can now get paid £30 an hour to be a professional ‘wingman’

By Jack Beresford

August 15, 2018

An online services marketplace has launched the first professional ‘wingman’ or ‘wingwoman’ service for anyone in need of a helping hand when it comes to dating.

The term wingman was popularised in the 1980s classic Top Gun, where Tom Cruise’s character Maverick made a habit of enlisting close pals like Anthony Edwards’ Goose (R.I.P.) to aid him in the romantic courtship of Kelly McGillis’ Charlie Blackwood. launched its wingman service after noticing a surge in requests for dating professionals on its site.

Research shows that 1 in 5 relationships now start online but 12% of people still meet their spouse at a bar or other public areas.

Members of the public can apply to work as a real-life ‘Hitch’ and will be expected to accompany clients on nights out to clubs, bars and other social events. It’s expected pros will earn upwards of £30 an hour, but as with all service providers, they can set their own prices. 

Those interested can sign up to be a professional wingman and wingwoman here: has already created a list of guidelines for the professionals to follow in order to ensure client satisfaction:

The service has launched across the UK and is available to all members of the public.

People looking to hire a professional wingman or wingwoman can do so here:

The people hiring must be able to provide dating preferences, relationship history and location when booking the service. It’s recommended that professionals and their clients meet to discuss details further ahead of the first night out. is a site where members of the public can find and connect with local service professionals. Service sectors include; personal training, stylists, building, cleaning, catering and counselling, as well as an array of other professions.’s goal is to revolutionise how people find and sell local services online.

Kai Feller, co-founder of, said:

“We’ve received hundreds of requests this year looking for dating professionals on the platform. The main reason we’ve seen is that online dating isn’t working for them and/or their friends are all coupled up and can’t help them anymore.

“The main point of is for members of the public to be able to find local services that they need in an easy way. If our users want a new service added, we’ll strive to find a way to do this and I’m happy we’re launching this new service to accommodate their needs.”

Wingmen and wingwomen, take flight!