You Can Now Earn £35 An Hour Helping People Find Dates On Tinder

The Pro Tinder Coaching service is for singletons struggling to find love.

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A Tinder coaching service for singletons struggling to find love has been launched and they are on the lookout for people to help match up suitable partners.

Professional Tinder Coaches can earn £35 an hour for simply helping match partners, initiate conversation and set up date on their behalf. It could be the perfect part-time job for anyone skilled in the dark arts of Tinder and knowing when to swipe right or left.

There certainly is a skill to it, whether it be constructing the most engaging profile or coming up with a killer introductory line. While that sort of thing comes naturally to some folk, others might need a little help.

So it’s a chance to earn extra money, put those skills to good use and maybe change someone’s life for the better. Well, in principle at least.

Where do I sign up?


Anyone keen to sign up for the cause can do so here. There is a pretty strict vetting process though – anyone recruited as a Professional Tinder Coach will be required to provide proof of their eligibility to coach. They must have more than 100 matches and have been on at least 10 dates on the platform.

Singletons signing up can access the service here, where they will be asked specific questions related to the areas of the app they’d like assistance with and how they feel a coach can help them.

They will also be asked an array of questions on the kind of matches they are looking for and their romantic goals. The service isn’t limited to Tinder either, with the service also available to Bumble and Grindr users.

How does it work?

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Pro Coaches will also be given access to their customers’ Tinder profiles and will have to swipe, match and converse with prospective dates based on their clients’ requirements. Should the coach organise a date or meeting with their customer and a prospective partner, a full briefing will be required to bring the customer up to speed on who they are meeting. Weekly updates may also be required, dependent on a customer’s needs.

Customers will be asked to brief their coach on a variety of things, including their ‘type’, what they’re looking for on Tinder, their long-term goals with any potential partners, and if there are any ‘turn-offs’ which must be avoided, as well as an array of other variables.

Members of the public will be able to request quotes from approved Professional Tinder Coaches, who will log in to the customer’s Tinder account to offer support.

A Real-Life Hitch?

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Russ Morgan, co-founder of, the website offering the service, said,

“I’m sure all romcom fans out there will remember the film ‘Hitch’, before the days of online dating and Tinder – but since then times have changed, and the way we meet new people is ever-evolving. We know that there are millions of people out there who struggle to connect with the right people, so we thought why don’t we help them out?

“That’s why we’ve decided to launch the Pro Tinder Coaching service, to help those who always pick ‘the bad ones’ or find it hard to initiate conversations, find the right person – almost like a real-life Hitch! Hopefully in a couple of months we’ll have some couples that found each other using our service.”

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