You Can Earn £18,000 For Eating Doritos With This Dream Job

All you have to do is answer a series of questions on your favourite flavour.

A selection of Doritos crisps.

Remember when they said that sitting on the sofa all day watching TV and eating nothing but Doritos was a waste of time? Well, there’s good news.

Because it turns out that burning passion for all things snack-based and triangular could be about to pay off big time after Doritos opened applications for the ultimate job.

The corn snack kings are on the lookout for the Ultimate Superfan and are willing to pay £18,000 so someone can eat Doritos for a whole year, guilt free.

“Do you dream in triangles? Do you wake up thinking about your next delicious dip n’ chip combo? Can you sniff out a Tangy Cheese from a Chilli Heatwave chip from 1000 metres away?” the advert asks.

“Are you ready to prove you’re nacho average Doritos fan? If the answer to all of these is yes then you could be just the chip champion we’re looking for…”

You don’t need much in the way of qualifications either, which is hardly a massive surprise. Just a minimum 2 years Doritos eating experience and the ability to eat well under pressure among other, entirely made-up, skills.

As part of the deal, the winner will be given 365 bags of Doritos along with £18,000 in cash. They won’t have to quit their day job either, though they may well be tempted to.

The application form should sort the men from the boys though, which questions including “Are you a tipper or a licker?” and “If you could invent any Doritos flavour what would it be?”

A bag of Doritos.

From there, candidates are asked to complete a phone interview and then face-to-face chat for the chance to land the big prize.

Is there a catch? No. You won’t be saddled with any kind of Doritos debt. You also won’t be signing your life away as part of some strange Doritos based experience that sees corn chips directly injected into your bloodstream.

So yeah. Sign up here. We are going to.

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