The Yorkshire Pudding Burrito Is Going To Revolutionise Sunday Lunch

The perfect fusion of beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Let’s be frank: The Great British Roast is in dire need of a facelift. Once a national institution, more recently the humble roast has gone through something of a crisis.

Wetherspoons no longer serves them on a Sunday, while research revealed that sausages are now more popular than a standard joint of beef in the standard Sunday lunch. Sausages, people! Sausages are basically mushed up animal dicks and ball sacks!

The Sunday Roast needs to get sexy again. It needs to be inventive. It needs to be Jamie Oliver, minus the sense of self-satisfied smugness.

Help is at hand though in the form of ALDI, who are pulling out all the stops with their very own beef brisket Yorkshire pudding burrito.

For just £7.99, as many as five people can enjoy the magic of a slow-cooked bit of beef, cooked in a mushroom sauce and all wrapped up inside a delicious Yorkshire pudding.

It shouldn’t work, but dammit it does and, best of all, it comes complete with a side order of red wine and onion gravy.

The Beef Brisket Yorkshire Pudding Burrito.
The Beef Brisket Yorkshire Pudding Burrito. Looks incredible.

Is this heaven? Have we all died? Or have we always been existing inside some sort of sophisticated Matrix programme, while our bodies are used as living batteries by the robot race that has enslaved us?

It’s difficult to really know, but one thing is for sure: this tastes and looks awesome. Best of all, it’s a damn sight cheaper than most fancy cuts of meat.

There are some incredible things happening in supermarkets right now – the cheesy chips pizza, for example, sounds like an absolute dream.

In the meantime, the Great British Roast is back and it’s looking sexier than ever.

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