Yet Another Classic Bill Murray Film Is Being Remade Into A Female Reboot

This is the second and final time we hope.

Bill Murray
Bill Murray

Why are we still paying attention to remakes? Rebooting one Bill Murray film was enough, but two? Someone form a protective circle around Caddyshack.

The Frank Oz movie “What About Bob?” came out in 1991 and starred Bill Murray as Bob an obstinate psychiatric patient and Richard Dreyfuss as his long-suffering therapist Leo. Bill Murray’s character inserts himself in Leo’s family holiday, and so the caper begins.

Well NBC has commissioned a TV pilot for the remake of this film but with a female therapist/client duo this time. The plan is to call it, “What About Barb?”

No word on the casting but it will be written and produced by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman who are responsible for many a quirky episode on New Girl, reports Digital Spy. 


Epic T-shirt. Image Buena Vista Pictures


If they have a Schmidt-like character, then we’re already sold. He’s a fucking legend.

This news is old hat since there we are currently awash with upcoming female-centric reboots – Ocean’s Eight has an all lady cast with Sandra Bullock in the lead role. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is also being redone with Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer.


Bob and Leo from What About Bob? Image Buena Vista Pictures


One thing we do know is that no man, woman, child or dog will be able to fill the shoes of Bill Murray. He’s a unicorn. Leave his films alone Hollywood.

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