WWE Stunner Eva Marie Might Be Leaving Wrestling For Hollywood

She's moving on up

WWE star Eva Marie
Total Diva WWE star Eva Marie. Image Picture WWE

WWE diva and all round badass Eva Marie might be leaving the wrestling world due to major opportunities coming at her from Hollywood.

It looks like this fiery redhead will be joining the ranks of stars like The Rock, Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey who have all made smooth segues from the fighting life to big screen exploits.

She’s also switched up her Twitter bio, removing her WWE title was well as unfollowing the wrestling juggernaut’s page. Eva hasn’t been shy about her movie star aspirations; she’s set to act alongside Nicolas Cage in the film, Inconceivable – out this summer.



She’s also shared multiple pictures of meetings with her massive team at major showbiz agency William Morris Endeavour. Tellingly she’s also changed her hair colour from her wrestling red to a natural black.


The team behind the dream! The very first Natalie Eva Marie Summit Meeting is a wrap! ??? Here today at #WME planning out 2017 with my #Agent, #Manager, and the entire team. Always remember that for every successful person you see in the public eye there is a team behind them keeping the dream on track. When I first began my career I made my "dream" list of who I wanted as my agent and manger, at the time it seemed so far fetched it bordered on impossible. Today those exact people are my team. I can't fully express how blessed I feel. We are poised to hit the ground running in 2017 and I am beyond excited to bring you all along on this journey with me. Get ready for some ground breaking innovation and a whole bunch of huge projects this year! #QDSummit #TheGarciaCompanies #AhhhhSnapStormsAtTheHeadOfTheTable ? #SkysTheLimit #LetssssGoToWork ?#ICantBelieveThisIsReal ??

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Safe to say her standing in WWE has felt shaky lately. Especially after the 30-match suspension, she endured due to a drug test gone wrong and a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in the ring last summer when her wrestling costume fell apart on stage – almost revealing her decolletage.



This hiccup caused the match between her and Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to be canceled. The second time in a season she’s done this, after she backed out of a previous fight with Lynch due to hamstring problems.

We’re thinking she’s keeping her body right for all those stunts she’s set to perform. We don’t care what form she comes in; we like Eva Marie any way we can get her.

Reach for the stars girl.

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