Listen: Revisit WWE’s The Undertaker’s Short-Lived Rap Career

The Undertaker may well rank among the worst rappers of all time

WWE's The Undertaker
The Undertaker Mark Calloway Image JP Yim/ Getty Images

The Undertaker is a WWE legend and among the most revered names in wrestling but back in 1993 Mark Calloway nearly destroyed all that with a short-lived career…as a rapper.

It was thanks to Simon Cowell, who recruited Calloway as one of the wrestlers to sing on Wrestlemania: The Album, a collection of songs written by Mike Stock and Pete Waterman and performed by some of the biggest names in WWE.

The Undertaker’s track “The Man In Black” was stranger than most, with one of the most fearsome names in wrestling recruited to rap over some “spooky” naff keyboard music.

Calloway, for his part, comes across as entirely unenthusiastic throughout the whole thing, mumbling his lines with all the enthusiasm of a school boy forced to take part in a Christmas recital.

It’s in stark contrast to some of the other efforts on the album with ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage among those who really brings “it”.

Writer and producer Stock has his own theory about why the Taker put in such a lacklustre showing – he was bloody exhausted.

“Typically the Undertaker came late evening. I remember having to provide a high stool for him to ‘prop’ himself up whilst behind the microphone,” he told loaded.

“I don’t think going into a studio after being thrown around the ring for hours was really their idea of relaxation. They really needed time to recover between shows, not mess about singing songs!”

Unsurprisingly, the song was never released as a single and has been largely lost in the sands of time since, save for a few clips on YouTube.

Calloway would never return to the world of music, though the Undertaker’s theme song would go on to feature in another rap song.

It’s probably for the best.

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