9 forgotten WWE stars who need to make a comeback

Who doesn't want to see Gangrel back?

New Era Smackdown is set to go live on tuesday nights.

Recently the WWE announced they’ll be splitting up Smackdown and RAW to create two different rosters.

The decision has also coincided with the dawn of a new era in World Wrestling Entertainment, a concept thought up by co-owner Shane McMahon, presumably to bring back the glory days of the company’s Attitude Era.

To beef up the rosters the bosses at WWE have started making phone-calls to former stars to try and entice them back. Stars like Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy in recent days have admitted the phone’s been ringing.

Who else though? Loaded took a punt at a few names we are dying to see step back into the ring.


Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy
New look Matt Hardy has gone under quite transformation


If Jeff comes back surely it’s only right his brother follows?

The fans’ favourite is best known for his feud with Edge and Lita after she left Matt Hardy for the former. The real-life drama spilled over into the ring as Hardy and Edge followed it up with some fantastic grudge matches.

We’d of course love to see Edge return but he seems to have a serious injury which forced him into retirement. We wouldn’t  not complete animals you know! 

Matt is currently wrestling with Total Nonstop Action under the alias Willow.

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