WWE Siren Nikki Bella Stuns Fans With Sexy Revealing Look

The 33-year-old was celebrating reaching new heights on YouTube, J-Lo style.

WWE superstar Nikki Bella.
Nikki Bella The WWE superstar. Image Getty

Nikki Bella found a unique way to reassert her status as WWE’s hottest female superstar after showcasing her killer curves as part of a special message for fans online.

The 33-year-old may be the other half of professional beefcake and fellow grappler John Cena, but that didn’t prevent her from giving wrestling enthusiasts an eyeful during an appearance on her popular YouTube channel The Bella Twins.

Sporting a grey crop top and leggings combo, Bella discussed her many New Year’s resolutions in a video uploaded to celebrate the fact that the channel now has over 200,000 subscribers.

The WWE favourite had someone very specific in mind when it came to her choice of outfit too, as she explained to the viewers at home.

“By the way, someone told me I look like J Lo in this outfit,” Bella said.

Not content with sporting a rather revealing top, Bella decided to ram home the point with a bit of J-Lo inspired twerking, all while singing the words “J-Lo booty” because, why the hell not?

Having racked up over 160,000 views in the space of a couple of days, it’s fair to say that the video has gone something close to approaching viral.

That Cena guy is one lucky fella.

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